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imageFirst day of life up until 6th grade imageJumped all the way to Freshman year of High Schoolimage

imageThen I cut my hair Junior year, why did I do thatimageSlowly it started growing back and then….imageI finally felt comfortable to express myself (the picture on the left was my debut)image

At this point in my transition I am 6 months into HRTimage

A year on HRTimage

Over a year and a half on hormones. My transition hasn’t been the clearest path but I am so happy that I am on it.


2 years since my coming out 

2 years on hrt

2.3 years on hrt

2 and a half years on hormones 

Its been a while since I’ve done an update so here it goes

At this point I am 3 years into my Hormone Replacement Therapy. I’m thriving. 

These pictures were taken days apart and I am 3 and a half years into my medical transition (The picture on the right was also posted by Instagram on all their major social media handles attached with an interview I did with them for International Women’s Month)

During this time I was 4 years into HRT. Clearly living for it.

I am currently 4 and a half years into HRT, 5 years into socially transitioning, 6 years into when i first came out to my community around me and I’m loving life more than I ever thought I would. 

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